1.This website collects ALL chemicals commercially produced and part of customized products. The number of nearly 40 thousand. Each product includes Name of products, Formula, CAS No., Specification, Packing, Supply Status and classification. Basically covers all of the chemical products produced in China (except for the complex composition).

2.Generally, each product has some different names, the website only lists one, usually the most commonly used name.

3.Description of specifications:
The vast majority of information on each product's quality standards, which are listed on this site, are carefully verified, so that the overall credibility of the information is true and reliable. But do not rule out the individual information will be a little in and out of the actual situation. Therefore, in the end, the information provided in the actual quotation shall prevail.

4.Description of packing:
As a matter of fact, there are so many kinds of packing for chemical products. The packing listed in this site is actually a reference supply quantity. The actual packing will be specified in quotation and adjusted according to customer's order quantity and requirements.

5.Description of the state of production and supply:
T: Produced in large quantity,usually 10,000mt/y up and any quantity available immediately
A: Produced in big quantity,fully meet the market demand, usually spot supply
B: Produced normally,stably supply,capacity can be adjusted according to demand
C: Produced regularly,sometimes there is a spot, and sometimes need to wait
D: Pilot scale,commercial production upon order
E: Lab scale,gram to kilogram level,usually for R&D purpose
F: Lab customization, more than 50 thousand items, but has not yet joined this website.
The concept of quantity here is only relative, and does not represent an absolute number. For example, similarly classified as "A", for some of the basic chemical raw materials, annual production may be more than one thousand tons, while for an expensive anti-cancer drug, its production may be a few kilograms per year. Just from the perspective of meeting the market demand and supply status, "A" represents the full and spot.

6. Description of product classification:
This website only classify each product to one class according to its main structural features or commercial purposes. However,in fact many products can often be included in different classification according to different uses. For example, salicylic acid, can be classified as Organic Chemicals as per its molecular structure, can also be classified to: Active pharmaceutical ingredients, organic intermediates, natural and synthetic spices, etc.. as per its various uses. So the classification of each product within this website is for reference only.

7.Due to constant change of the market and unavoidable negligence, the information provided by the site can not guarantee complete accuracy and is not static. We will regularly update the product information.

8.In order to improve user's access speed, the website as far as possible don't use pictures. Taking this into account, this site doesn't include in the structure of the product which can be easily obtained elsewhere.

9. Instructions on the search function:
The search function of this website mainly provides three search methods: molecular formula, product name and CAS number.
However, due to molecular formula and name of product more often is not only, therefore, we recommend the customer use CAS number search. If you don't know the CAS No. of a product, we'll help.

10. Part of products without CAS No. are not included in the site. Meanwhile, Since the market is changing so fast, it's inevitable that there may be some omissions in our work. If the product you need is not listed on this site, you might as well tell us, we will try our best to help.

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