Online Database of Chemicals of China

Product Category

  Organic chemical raw materials   Organic solvents   Organic silicone products
  Organic boron products   Organic phosphorus products   Organic sulfur products
  Organic metal salts   Metallorganic compounds   Chemical reagents
  Electronic chemicals   Functional materials and their intermediates   Ionic liquids
  Amino acids and derivatives   Biochemicals   Food and feed additives
  Active pharmaceutical ingredients   Inhibitors   Veterinary raw materials
  Agricultural chemicals   Dyes and pigments   Organic synthetic intermediates
  Pharmaceutical intermediates   Dye intermediates   Pesticide intermediate
  Natural and synthetic spices   Plant essential oil   Forestry chemicals
  Natural product and plant extracts   Fluorescent whitening agents   UV absorbers
  Photo initiators   Antioxidants   Refrigerants and extinguishers
  Plasticizers   Flame retardants   Surface active agents
  Rubber additives   Water treatment agents   Bactericides
  Catalyzers   Quaternary ammonium salts and alkalis   Other various auxiliaries
  Specialty chemicals   Inorganic elements   Inorganic oxides and hydroxides
  Inorganic acids   Inorganic salts   Inorganic chemicals
  Polymers   Unclassified chemicals

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